• Our products are applied to telecommunication equipment and network base-station, heat sink, metal cover, housing, professional screws, waveguides product, LED lamp holders and lamp stand, auto parts, security product, etc.
    We offer to build a precision metal for various material, such as rolled-steel SPCC, rolled-steel SPCD, rolled-steel SPCE, stainless steel SUS303, stainless steelSUS304, aluminum 5 series, stainless steel 6 series, stainless steel 7 series, copper and others.

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  • Die Casting

  • Our products are applied to power tools shell, a heat sink in telecommunication equipment and heat sink of the network router, equipment housing, LED lamp holders and car charger housing.
    Our products meet the durable test, excellence melting tolerance, lightweight usage, cooling effect, electricity conductivity and the high-quality surface after-treatment in a variety of materials such as zinc alloy and aluminium alloy.

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  • Stamping

  • Our products are applied to PCB of telecommunication product, electrical plate, filter, connectors and pads, antenna, surveillance camera holder and housing, electrical products, auto parts, chargers and LED lighting accessories for various materials such as copper, Aluminum, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel.
    We offer progressive stamping, complex stamping, single-point stamping, punching, blending, extruding, etc.

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  • Sheet Metal

  • Our products are applied to base-station, high-temperature pump, fireplace, trolley, electrical box, ATM, telecom shielding cabinet, etc. Yilisha offers the service of laser cutting or automatic punching, bending, welding, polishing, cleaning, spraying for various material, such as the cold-rolled single light material plate, cold rolled double light material, stainless steel plate, aluminium plate.

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  • Surface Treatment

  • Yilisha offers the surface treatment service. We own 10 production lines of electroplating in various kind of material such as cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, copper.
    Our product is applied in various industries such as radiator reflector of telecommunication and router equipment, substrates, cavities, special screws, LED lamp holder, lamp stand, waveguide, sheet metal, power tools, automatic parts. We can coat in various kind of materials such as silver, zinc, nickel, copper, tin.

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