Sheet Metal

Yilisha manufactures sheet metal which is applied to base-station, high-temperature pump, fireplace, trolley, electrical box, kiosks, payment terminal, smart devices, ATM, and telecom shielding cabinet, etc.

Yilisha offers the service of laser cutting or automatic punching, bending, welding, polishing, cleaning, spraying for various material, such as the cold-rolled single light material plate, cold rolled double light material, stainless steel plate and aluminum plate.

In laser cutting, we achieve maximum size of 3030mm * 1500mm * 6.0mm with the accuracy of 0.1mm.

In Die-cutting, we achieve maximum size of 2520mm * 1270mm * 3.0mm with the accuracy of 0.1mm.

In the automatic bending, we achieve the maximum size of 3500mm *4.0mm (stainless steel) and 3500mm* 5.0mm (iron).

In welding, we can achieve precision up to 0.01mm.

Product Sample
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